Partial Client List

Arnell Group (Reebok and ConEdison)
Betts & Sholl
Cushman and Wakefield
Ingalls and Associates
Knight Foundation Latin Trade Magazine
Locust Projects
Miami Art Museum
Midtown 24
Museum of Contemporary Art
New World Symphony
NY SportsMed
NY Physical Therapy
Orthology/United Healthcare
Raymond Jungles Landscape Architecture
Redstar Entertainment
Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art
Rene Gonzalez Architect
Sagamore Hotel
Savino and Miller Design Studio
Shin Wellness
United Healthgroup Ventures
500 Collins Avenue


Graphic Design
Art Direction
Creative Services
Motion Graphics
Web Design
Interactive Installation
Interface Design
Mobile Web
Architectural/Interior Design



Airboat is the multidisciplinary design studio founded by artist Ivan Toth Depeña. and Teela Depeña. It's establishment stemmed from a desire to to expand outside the realm of Ivan's art studio practice and bridge the divide between the fields of art, design and technology. With an ever evolving definition of art, we share a strong philosophical desire to create something that is not solely art or design, but a series of integral moments in this process of transformation.

Airboat has over 18 years of experience in the fields of art and design. We maintain a small, diverse and mobile unit of individuals poised to handle projects of varying scale, assembling unique project teams based on the needs of the design problem to be solved. Participation on any given project ranges from designers, architects, programmers, engineers and craftsmen to painters, photographers, sculptors and illustrators. We pursue an all encompassing approach to a wide variety of art and design problems ranging from graphic and architectural design to installations.

In addition, to the wide range of creative projects the studio develops, we are able to fill the need of a complete creative services department for our clients. We can develop, design and implement anything your company may need to promote itself in this ever sophisticated brand-conscious corporate landscape.

Our process is iterative and our approach, scientific. The studio enjoys exploring various solutions to one problem, therefore avoiding the entrapment of a particular style whenever possible. We strive to work with like-minded clients to achieve innovative and genre busting solutions. We invent things. We prototype things. We build things. We make things happen.

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